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Miss María, Skirting the Mountain (Señorita María, la falda de la montaña)

Part of the Documentaries Strand

Rubén Mendoza

  • 15

  • 90 mins

  • 2017

  • Colombia

  • Spanish

María Luisa Fuentes

  • Director of Photography: Rubén Mendoza

  • Editor: Gustavo Vasco, Juan David Soto, Rubén Mendoza

  • Produced by: Amanda Sarmiento, Rubén Mendoza

  • Screenplay by: Rubén Mendoza

  • Sound Production: Isabel Torres, Rubén Mendoza

Director Bio

Rubén Mendoza

Rubén Mendoza is a writer, director and editor. His films include The Stoplight Society (2010), Dust on the Tongue (2014) and El valle sin sombras (2015). His films have won awards at major film festivals around the world including Cannes, Berlin, Beijing, Havana, and Mar del Plata. His screenplays and films have garnered awards, grants and scholarships from Cannes, Berlin and FonSud (French Ministry of Culture).


Boavita is a rural, conservative Catholic village embedded in the Andes and frozen in time. In the foothills of these mountains lives Miss María Luisa Fuentes. She is 45 years old and was born a boy. Behind what appears to be just another life mired in gender and identity conflict, lies a bitter, unimaginable family history, its deepest roots seasoned with hatred. The horrors of rural life in Colombia with all its religious morality have done nothing but increase the power of this solitary soul.

Press & Industry Screening

Showing on 28 Jun @ 16:05


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